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Dear Partners, Clients and Friends,


The history of Gammagroup is a history of many achievements, the result being a large number of exceptional industrial systems worldwide. We have established ourselves as one of the premier system providers, combining engineering-competence with unmatched customer-focus.

Markets in many countries bear our mark. We have accompanied many customers’ growth and we share the joy of our clients‘ successes.

The result of hard work and long-term experience is a new Gammagroup: innovative, flexible and 100% customer-oriented. We would like to thank all customers for their support and trust. I invite you to re-discover us through this brochure. Get to know Gammagroup as the long-term, strong and reliable partner for your industrial ventures, just how we have inspired many satisfied customers before.

Yours sincerely,


Chehade Abou Khalil - Founder & Executive Director