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Dairy Products
Gammagroup delivers solutions for the industrial production of a variety of dairy products including cream, cheese and butter, ice cream, skim milk, UHT milk and yogurt and the corresponding packaging solutions.

Today, milk is separated by large machines in bulk. The cream is processed to produce various consumer products, depending on its thickness, its suitability for culinary uses, and consumer demand, which differs from country to country. Producers can make a variety of milks to suit their local market. Calcium, vitamin D, and flavouring can also be added to appeal to consumers. Gammagroup has developed several recipes especially suiting the tastes of consumers seeking a natural yet intense milk-flavour: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or exotic flavours like pineapple, peach or mango.

Gammagroup can also extend your line to support the production of high-margin trend products such as coffee-mix-drinks (Latte macchiato, cappuccino) or ready-made milkshakes. We offer recipes for yoghurt and ice cream with or without additional flavourings or fruit-pieces. Yoghurt products can be packaged in cups, gable top packages or the everpopular Gammagroup Twistpack.