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Soft Drinks
Carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) remain by far the largest commercial beverage category. Their refreshing properties and an abundance of possible tastes make them popular especially among the younger buyer group. Their consumption per person is twice as high as the water consumption.

CSDs are beverages manufactured by combining flavouring concentrate, sweetener, and carbonated water. Gammagroup enables customers to become bottlers for their own brands or for a brand licensed by Gammagroup. We can adapt one of our 50,000 recipes to suit the local market’s taste and changing conditions. We can develop variant products for further expansion or include locally grown ingredients for supplier-independence. We provide packaging solutions for all major CSD containers including cans and PET bottles.

Branded CSDs participate in all channels of distribution including retail food store sales, fountain sales, and vending sales. The bottler receives exclusivity for Gammagroup’s brand and recipe in his local market and benefits from the constantly increasing brand-recognition we are building in the marketplace.