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The qualities spurring bottled water’s growth are clear. Many consumers recognize it to be healthy, safe and, in some instances, of superior purity to alternative sources of water. Consumers’ growing interest in healthy, lowcalorie products that confer benefits above and beyond refreshment also contributes to the hydrating beverage’s (water, flavoured water, enriched water, sports drinks) performance in recent years.

Gammagroup delivers a turn-key solution for filling non-sparkling, sparkling and enriched waters, including superior water filtration technology which can treat water of any quality and deliver a high-quality drinking water. Even though water is the simplest product, it is also the most difficult because of the inability to preserve it. Gammagroup brings the technology and know-how to operate a safe filling business.

Investors who want to penetrate their growing market quickly, can rely on licensing a Gammagroup brand which has already proven itself in other countries. We can have local production managed by Gamma Management Services (GMS).