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Twistpack has been called the “magic pack”. With its unique pyramid shape Twistpack has enabled many smaller companies provide their products in an attractive packaging. The material is extremely versatile in regards to its colour or print and it is easy to customize and change the packaging regularly to make it stand out at the point of sale.

The Twistpack system is so powerful, because it can fill many kinds of products in the practical bags. You can fill liquids but also solids and powders. It is the only system in the market that provides such flexibility with a very low initial investment compared to the machine’s capacity. Soon we will provide an additional option for aseptic filling, which will open the amazing possibilities of aseptic filling to an even larger audience.

Twistpack packaging also surprises with its low operational cost. The cost for the packaging material as well as energy-, maintenance-and operator cost are very low. More than 150 installed units worldwide prove the capabilities of the system.
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The new VST-Series has not only higher capacity, more accuracy but is also extremely flexible in satisfying the need of the marketing concerning simultaenous packing of different products as well as package sizes.

The machine is unique in the World for producing three different products of three different packaging sizes at the same time. The technology is based on the results of long-term feedback from our customers and the needs of the market. Having changed to a servo-based system, the new generation of Twistpack machines has higher capacity, accuracy and flexibility.


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