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Every day, millions of consumers rely on the safety and ease of plastic bottles to help to preserve the quality and freshness of what we drink. PET has become the material of choice for bottled beverages. Gammagroup delivers turn-key lines that include every step of the process.Read more


Aseptic packaging is a remarkable packaging system that allows products once considered perishable to be distributed and stored without refrigeration for periods up to one year or more.Read more


With its unique pyramid shape Twistpack has enabled many smaller companies provide their products in an attractive packaging. Twistpack packaging also surprises with its low operational cost.Read more

Oil Recycling

Gammagroup has developed a system spanning all aspects of an Oil Recycling operation, most importantly the construction and operation of used-oil refineries. The properties of the final product – the recycled base oil – are even superior to that of virgin base oil.Read more