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Welcome to Exponent CMS

"Content Management" is one of the biggest buzzwords on the lips of ITstaff and management alike. Exponent brings the power of maintaining awebsite into the hands of non-technical people. With point-and-click ease, updating your site has never been easier!

With minimal computer skills, you can securely login to your website anytime, anywhere, and update your site as easily as sending email. With Exponent's advanced content editor, you can effortlessly create content, or cut and paste from almost any source, including PDFs and Word documents.

Design Flexibility
Unlike most content management systems, Exponent allows for complete design flexibility. Virtually any web layout can be  HALLO ontent utilizes design 'views', which can be created easily and dropped into place for use.

Dynamic Navigation and Content
Site structure can be created on-the-fly in the browser, in just seconds. Specialized modules provide the means to manage specific types of content, like Calendar events and News postings. All content editing is done 'inline', which means there is no need for a separate, back-end interface. Simply surf to the content you want to maintain and start editing!

Robust User Management
IT staff and managers can delegate site maintenance duties to any number of staff members, through user and group permissions. Permissions can be set as restrictively or permissively as needed.